SAP Consulting

Our consulting services enable your business to be a successful and profitable organisation through continuous support, development and partnership.

We provide the necessary value proposition to enable you to equip your business for its future and thus maximise its potential in the new economy.

Our approach as always is to provide 'best of breed' individuals to provide manageable and productive SAP solutions to enhance business practices. We achieve this by searching the market to find the 'best fit' skills to execute the project plans alongside a strong, stable and knowledgeable management team.

E-Com selects its team ensuring their first instinct is to get on with the job in hand, avoiding distraction and resisting delay. Top calibre business and technology SAP skills come as standard. Every E-Com consultant has responsibility to communicate, teach, mentor, challenge and encourage.

Below is a short synopsis of our methodology for success;

  • Establish Corporate and Business Objectives
  • Establish Business Process
  • Define Plan for Achieving established Objectives
  • Implement / Manage Plan
  • Monitor and Control Implementation Process
  • Change Management when deploying new solutions

Unique Selling Points (USP's)

We pride ourselves in being genuine leaders in our specialised areas rather than followers of trends in IT. Below are just a few reasons why Clients and Candidates choose to work with us;

  • Proven and Established business
  • Personal tailored approach
  • Quick to respond
  • Specialist market knowledge and experience
  • Innovative approach
  • Leading edge technologies
  • Operate world-wide
  • Provide experienced consultants for clients
  • Small enough to be flexible to meet client needs, big enough to perform as a reliable experienced global partner