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SAP Training

Empowering your SAP Users and Consultants to leverage the best value from your SAP investment
E-COm Group SAP Training, SAP Education, SAP Learning

E-Com's training practice is built on over 10 years experience in supporting SAP Education centres globally in delivering high class instructors combining a unique blend of extensive product and project experience, coupled with their ability to communicate complex product information in a clear coherent manner. These two important qualities are the roots of all successful training course deliveries in any one of E-Com's specific training services.

We offer a service directly to customers who require bespoke training to be developed at any level. Whether you are about to embark on a project and need the skill-level of your implementation team to be improved, or you are at the stage where you must spare a thought for your users, we will gladly talk to you about developing a training program and material specific to your business, and delivering it to your staff with maximum effect.


E-Com's onsite mixed mode training is tailored to deliver clients implementing SAP products to a high quality through a unique blend of focused training and on job support ensuring the knowledge imparted is practised correctly leading to the most successful project possible.


For courses where the material already exists we simply supply trainers on a 'time & material' basis. Small changes can be made to the material or we can compress the course to fit into your timescale. Generally this service is chosen by the software vendors themselves to run their Academy courses or provide on site training to their customers.


User-training usually takes place in a classroom environment on a customer site or at our own facilities and can be set at the ability of your users. This can cover the very basics of an application at a 'general overview' level, or delve further into the workings of the system for 'super-users' or key staff.


E-Com believes it is key any management of a project has a grasp on key concepts to understand the product being implemented and help manage project in the most effective way. Each project will have its own boundaries and constraints, but through custom workshops delivering an understanding of important processes and how these fit into the SAP landscape, management are able to understand the realistic deliverables from the project and the required resources to ensure this.


Investing in training is one of the key elements to ensuring the best value is gained from a huge investment in SAP applications, E-Com recognises this and offers a service to evaluate the knowledge level internally in your team and establish the best suited training plan, be it a mix of specialist offsite training, mixed mode onsite delivery, or a longer term strategy of CBT developed custom for your organisation.


You may find that it is more cost effective for us to train some of your key personnel to enable them to deliver training themselves once the material has been developed. This applies to user-training only.

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